Breakfast for dinner?

I've done it many times when heading to a local diner at 6 or 7 in the evening...I order scrambled eggs or an omelette with bacon, sausage and potato hash browns with an orange juice to wash it down.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's the freedom of being a single man and not having any rules on what to dine on during a particular time of the day.  I like it like that.  And I'll reverse it in the early up in the oven those 2 loaded slices of leftover pizza from 2 nights ago.  Maybe it's "breaking the rules of meal time", but seriously, who wrote the rules?

Anyway, I came across the website and they list some terrific ideas for those times you and your family may want something radically different for "dinner" by having "breakfast".  I know, I get confused as I am writing this!  See link below...

My photo below is a basic example of one of my recent evening visits to the diner. Perhaps you might be able to create something delicious for your next "breakfast for dinner"...


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