This Might Get Heated - Who Has The Best Pizza?

I LOVE PIZZA!  I also love the spirit and passion behind great pizza debates.  NJ Advance Media's Peter Genovese had the fun project of ranking the top pizza makers for every single county in New Jersey!  While I have been to Kinchley's in Bergen County and they're delicious, the Sussex County destinations have yet to come up in my explorations.  Time for me to start venturing out much more!  One of the fun debates on great pizza is that this is so subjective.  I personally prefer thin crust over deep dish any day of the week.  Growing up south of Boston, the most heated pizza debate rivalry is between two historic places: Cape Cod Cafe and Town Spa Pizza.  Last year, I took Awesome Girlfriend Megan to Town Spa on a surprise and she loved it.  Then this year, I took her to Cape Cod Cafe and she was even more blown away by them.  Let's open it up.  Who has the best pizza?  Where should I go?


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