7 Efficient Ways To Practice Self Care

They keep telling us how important that self care is.  PureWow has come up with 7 lazy ways to practice self care, but since I'm lazy, they just simply sound efficient and smart to me!  I enjoy these terrific tips ranging from two minute stretch, a one word journal, and taking deep breaths. Another form for self love?  How about seeing some of our world famous American landmarks!  Last year a few months before her birthday, Awesome Girlfriend Megan confided to me that she had never been to The Statue Of Liberty!  I asked her how could that even be possible since she grew up right here in the tri-state.  She always wanted to, but life as we know happens.  I took her to Statue Of Liberty for her birthday last year, and she was gorgeous!  Even though it was a cloudy, foggy mid January day, Meg and I will never forget this wonderful trip.  We even went to the top of the crown!  My fear of heights kicked in right at the base, but adrenaline kicked in and we ran to the top.  I not have even breathed during our entire run up to the top, but it was well worth it.  We can't wait to visit Statue Of Liberty again someday.  OnePoll and ZipCar worked together on a pretty compelling study showing that most Americans have NOT been to many landmarks.  I have been to Empire State Building and Niagara Falls, which are both majestic.  While I have never been to the Grand Canyon, my sister Suzanne went this weekend and her pictures are AMAZING.  I will now be adding Grand Canyon to my bucket list!


TV subscription popularity continues to decline while streaming increases.  TV subscriptions are you listening yet that maybe your prices are too high?  American Customer Satisfaction Index just did this study, and I hope it is long term beneficially for all of us.


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