Bus Driver In Route 80 Bus Crash Charged

77 year old Hudy Muldrow Sr. is expected to be charged today with two counts of vehicular homicide in Morristown.  Another day as we continue sorting through aftermath of last week's tragic school bus crash on Route 80 in Mount Olive.  NBC 4 New York confirmed earlier this week that the 77 year old bus driver, has 14 license suspensions on his record!  NJ.com has an in depth breakdown of his driving violation history.  Some don't think the bus driver's record is that concerning because many of his license suspensions were non moving violations, and I respectfully disagree.  Would you feel comfortable putting your loved ones on a bus with a 77 year old driver who has had 8 SPEEDING TICKETS? These kids and adults were en route from Paramus to Waterloo on a school field trip.  The funerals were held this week for both the 10 year old girl, Miranda Vargas, and 51 year old Teacher, Jennifer Williamson.  We're learning more about the victims from Paramus in this crash that happened on Route 80 in Mount Olive.  When we keep learning about the victims involved it just becomes even more real and sadder.  One uplifting video is the face of 11 year old Brendan O'Callaghan, who received a surprise from the New York Rangers.  Goalie Henrik Lundqvist, sent an autographed stick to Brendan, and his Dad took this video.  Many sources are reporting that they have on video the school bus driver missing the Waterloo exit, then crossing multiple lanes and trying to make an illegal U-turn across Route 80.  There are so many questions still unanswered, and NJ.com did a great job organizing what we do and don't know here.  We're sending our continued thoughts and prayers to everyone involved.


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