My Record Breaking Epic Weekend In Pictures

Talk about an epic, record breaking weekend in pictures.  We had so much fun with my parents visiting me in Jersey from Boston I don't even know where to begin.  My family and Awesome Girlfriend Megan are everything to me, so I obsess nonstop about making sure they're all having their best time ever.  Friday night I had a long overdue chill bro grill night with my besties Jasen and Spooner.  Just the three of us shared many laughs, and how we all share ridiculously small feet sizes 8.5.  Delicious wine and steaks on the grill, major success.  I must give credit, Spooner's electric grill is where we got that idea for my deck.  I was blown away by his grill, took a picture and sent to my parents requesting that as a birthday present.  

Saturday morning I spent cleaning up my place before entertaining.  I HATE sponges, to me their glorified petri dishes and are GROSS.  Despite my reservations on sponges, I even used a sponge cleaning my place before the parents arrived.  Saturday early afternoon I then took my show on the road and broadcasted from The Professional Rodeo at Green Valley Farms in Wantage.  We packed that place, and I even ran into my dear friends Bill and Lynn Snouffer.  (Happy Birthday, Lynn!)  While doing our Facebook live video, a bull in his cage CHARGED AT ME!  WOW.  You're blown away by how quick and massive these bulls are.  If you fast forward on our FB Live video to approximately 11 minutes in, you'll see the complete comedy gold of the bull charging at me.  I jumped pretty high in the air after that, lol.  

Saturday afternoon Awesome Girlfriend Megan and my parents were able to relax for a couple hours while I was a grill master.  We did delicious, juicy burgers, and being the Team player I am, we even put cheese on the burgers for Meg and my parents.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan did need to help me remove the cheese singles from their packages since I never touch cheese unless it's on pizza.  My parents were very impressed and proud with how delicious our burgers were that I grilled.  My Dad and I were able to play catch for a few minutes so we could warm up my arm before my celebrity first pitch with The Sussex County Miners.  Many, many thanks to everyone with The Miners, especially their GM, our buddy Justin.  He let my parents and Awesome Girlfriend Megan onto the field with me so they could see my first pitch up close, and announced their presence over PA.  I THREW A STRIKE!  You can see the video / proof below lol.  It was an outside corner strike for sure, and I'm happy with my velocity.  Success!  We then did a victory drink with our besties Sally, Doug and Mark after my pitch at Wheel House.  

Saturday night it was off to The Tiki Bar, central point on Campus for everyone to come out and see my parents.  Saturday night was another great reminder of how blessed we are to have our friends.  It's never lost on me when people can take time out of their busy days to see me and my family.  I wish we could have gone to more places and see more friends, but I'm happy a great time was had by all who could make it.

Sunday we did a wonderful self guided pub crawl in Warwick, where we enjoyed a couple of drinks on a veranda overlooking a creek downtown.  So beautiful.  Even a duck swam by to join our party!  Before our Warwick pub crawl, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and Madre were horrified by my unorganized closets, so they rearranged and reorganized my entire closet.  How lucky is Meg?  I think it was a fun bonding experience for them.

Monday, my parents returned to Boston after our normally teary goodbye.  Madre and I always both tear up immediately.  Love my family, so much.  Then my besty JG and I were able to golf 9 holes in beautiful weather.  We just wanted to knock rust off, had some lousy shots and a couple of decent ones.  On hole 17, 170 yards or so I hit a green for the first time in my life from the Tee!!!!!!!!  That's the funny thing about golf, you can hit a million bad shots, but just those three great ones keep you coming back for more pain.

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