My Weekend In Pictures

I'm reminded of when my favorite, Patriots coach Bill Belichick tried starting a chant last year of "No Days Off, No Days Off."  This weekend we were in work mode both days, and of course still had tons of fun.  Friday afternoon I took my show on the road to celebrate Cafe E Dolci's grand opening in Franklin Shop Rite Plaza.  Their opening was jam packed with people all night long.  Major success.  It was so wonderful to see Keith, their owner busy and happy immediately!  Friday night after a long week at work I was ready to unwind at Minerals, or as I call it "our Campus Tiki Bar."  Great night with friends enjoying laughs and some delicious craft beers.  I left Tiki 30-45 minutes later than planned because of the intense Friday night rain storm we had.  Fortunately, we were able to enjoy another beer under the cover and dodge the worst of it, even though when leaving some strong remnants still hit me.  

Saturday I swung over to say hi to Steve Andrews and Franklin Sussex Hyundai live broadcast.  It was so much fun to hang out, and several in attendance were asking me about my awesome electric grill that Andrews always teases me about and calls "cute."  I'm so happy that one of our listeners won a thousand bucks at their ribbon cutting ceremony.  Always great to see our friend Bill Snouffer.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan had the girls in Hackettstown this weekend, so I came up with a plan to take her and Awesome Daughters out for some strong Shirley Temples.  (They ended up going with Roy Rogers drinks, nevertheless.)  Mohawk House in Sparta was of course the perfect halfway point geographically.  Meg and I also love showing it off to her Awesome Daughters since that's where we had our first date two years ago.  

Saturday night, out to Tiki bar with my besties Jasen and Ed --- then we were later joined by my nephew / unofficial Tiki bar mascot, Spot.  He's always a strong crowd pleaser.  The sunset was only mediocre at first, but then turned the sky into epic on fire mode.  I alerted all of my friends that the sky was getting more gorgeous by the second and they would definitely want to get pictures.  After all, if not broadcast on social media, then it really isn't official, right?  These are arguably some of my best sunset pictures of all time, with the pink sky reflecting so beautifully on the pool.  LOVE living here.  

Sunday, back to work fun.  Garret from Father John's Animal House asked if Awesome Girlfriend Megan, Awesome Daughter / aspiring veterinarian Hailey could join them for a fashion show benefit in Sparta and we immediately agreed.  While I didn't bring much to the ladies fashion party, my models Meg and Hailey were absolutely gorgeous.  They had so much fun getting to dress up in new, fancy clothes together.  Saturday night, Meg watched movies with her Awesome Daughters that they told me were Barbie movies, then Sunday they got to dress up like Barbie dolls.  Terrific way to wrap up our weekend.  Oh and in other #ComedyGold, per usual I think people were more excited to meet Awesome Girlfriend Megan at the event than me.  (I agree!)  Meg confided to me later when someone met her, she immediately said "OH my goodness, I remember cracking up listening to the radio hearing about how YOU needed to put together Steve Allan's grill for him."

Then on my trek back from Sparta, I ventured off into the Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin.  I saw my buddy Mark's car, and had to give him a Miami Dolphins flashlight my Dad found while cleaning out the attic back home.  I joked it was burning a hole in my Jeep and had to either destroy it or give to him.  Then talk about the ultimate bonus, my besties Douglioso and Sally were there too having fun.  Great way to wrap up my weekend, enjoying great laughs with amazing friends.  Sunday night I enjoyed a great stogey on my deck, and then watched Bar Rescue.  Awesome way to wrap up another phenomenal weekend with so many of my wonderful friends in Jersey.  I hope you were able to have an amazing, action packed (or even better, maybe relaxing) weekend too.


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