NJ Primary Election Is Finally Here - FAQ's

Tuesday June 5th, 2018 the New Jersey Primary Election is finally happening.  These Primaries can have huge impacts on both local levels in Sussex County and National levels.  This guide shows how you can vote in the Primary Election even if you're not registered to either political party.  Sussex County voters can vote in primary elections for Senator, House Representatives, Freeholders, Surrogates and Borough Council.  You can see a nice voting guide on many things from NJ.com here.  When you're hearing commercials on our radio station regarding the election, you know it's a big deal.  Open seats are a huge deal on both the local and national level, Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer has reportedly raised over $4 MILLION for the upcoming mid-term Election.  

The Sussex County Board of Elections has put together a map of where you can go vote.  They have also notified us of polling place changes for Tuesday:

Frankford Township voters -

District 2 located at the Municipal Building will now vote at the Normanoch Club House on Culver Lake.  Voters who normally use the Frankford Township School will now be voting at the Frankford Municipal Building.

Sparta Township voters who use the Mohawk Avenue School, will now be directed to enter the library through the rear of the building.  Please follow the signage.

Harydston Township voters who vote at the Walkill Valley Regional High School will now be directed to the gymnasium.

Vernon Township voters who use the McAfee Firehouse will now be voting at the Dorothy Henry Library on Route 94.  Sample ballots were mailed out the week before Primary Election, you can refer to the sample ballot for your correct polling location.

More polling information here.


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