Miss America - competition or pageant?

Recent news has indicated that from here on out, the yearly crowning of Miss America will now be known as a "competition" and not a "beauty pageant".  In an effort to become more progressive with the times, they are also scrapping the swimsuit portion of the event.

Seriously?  Okay, before I come off as a typical male chauvinistic pig, I think it's a huge mistake in dropping the swimsuits altogether.  It's as historical as the Miss America event itself.  The swimsuits are as tasteful and classy as the business suits and evening gowns past contestants have exhibited over the years.  Why fix something that isn't broke?

I totally understand that the powers-that-be want to move forward and portray women as strong and equal to men throughout the world.  I am all for that.

However, as they always say in show business, it's all about the ratings.  No ratings...no show.

Will the Miss America event survive this latest turn of events?  Check out the link below from NJ.com for more insight as to it's future in pop culture.

Will Miss America TV ratings flop with the swimsuit competition now gone?


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