Justify Worth $75 MILLION After Winning Triple Crown

Justify's breeding rights are now record breaking after winning The Triple Crown with his Belmont victory this weekend.  $75 MILLION!!!  I had no idea until last week just how enormous this business really is.  Growing up, I assumed that the horse's owners simply gambled a ton on their horse to win a major race, and then get major payouts as their rewards.  While I knew breeding rights were a huge factor in horse racing, these numbers shocked me.  I enjoyed watching all three of Justify's victories on live TV, from the Kentucky Derby, to The Preakness, to Belmont right here in the Tristate.  This might only fascinate me, but these numbers are unbelievable.  I just found this very interesting article on the business behind horse racing.  Those jockeys are apparently paid on a commission.  I had never heard of how horses were tongue tied before today.  I won't get into a debate on whether or not it is a cruel practice because this is not my area of expertise at all.  The business article I just found explains the tongue tying practice that concerns me, but experts say is normal and can help safety of these horses.


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