My Weekend In Pictures: Making The Best Of It

My weekend was action packed, and of course much better once I was able to get Awesome Girlfriend Megan back by my side.  Our weekend got off to an unfortunately scary start, but we made the best with what we have and enjoyed a few of our wonderful friends, while meeting new ones!  Friday afternoon I got a visit from Meg at work, so she could go straight to my place.  Our plan was to swing by our Action Point / Action Park screening party in Matamoras, at Flagship Cinemas then see our friends after back on Campus in Vernon.  4:33pm, Meg calls me in tears saying that she had to go, Awesome Daughter Hailey was in a car accident.  Hailey is okay, thank goodness.  While it will be inconvenient and cost money to repair her car, I kept reminding them cars are replaceable, people aren't.  

I went to our movie screening for Action Point with a heavy heart, missing Meg and of course thinking of Hailey.  We all remember how shaken we were after our first car accident, right?  It was great to meet new friends and visit Matamoras, enjoying their beautiful views of High Point Monument right from the parking lot.  Before our screening party, I swung by a nearby pizza shop and was laughing at a sign that showed their beautiful outdoor patio is for paying customers only.  It's like how they always say, you know they need a sign because too many people tried to do it.  Shout out to Craig, who showed up with a vintage photo taken from when he worked at Action Park over 30 years ago!  Steve Andrews rocked his vintage style Action Park t-shirt for the event as well.  Our Facebook Live video was fun, getting to welcome everyone at our was also quick and fun.  I think everyone gets a kick when they make it onto my Facebook Live videos, and also my Weekend In Pictures.  

Friday night, I went back to Campus in Vernon very bummed.  I saw a couple of our besties, Jasen, Carrie, Jamie, her son Jax, Chris and Christine.  Beautiful warm Friday night, just one of those nights where nobody could cheer me up.  Meg was in Hackettstown with Hailey, and I was in Vernon missing them.  Saturday I knew I had to do something to try and bring smiles to Meg's place.  I brought flowers over for Meg, and each of her three Awesome Daughters.  They came out pretty (and I should have taken a picture but forgot.)  Meg was so exhausted, perhaps more than I had ever seen her.  I came up with an impromptu plan to take Meg and two of her three Awesome Daughters with us to Czig Meister brewery in Hackettstown for their 2 year anniversary celebration.  Meg and I had a couple of delicious craft IPA beers, and the girls enjoyed their craft Root beers.  

Saturday afternoon, I was able to get Meg back in Vernon, success.  We napped before going to our favorite Campus Tiki Bar.  Jasen brought my nephew / unofficial Tiki Bar mascot, Spot, and he always draws quite the crowd.  Then a new friend came over to introduce herself, and I'm very happy that she did.  Susan Kaufmann, awesome meeting you and your boyfriend, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!  Thank you for taking a selfie with me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan at Tiki Bar.  We all enjoyed watching Justify win The Triple Crown at Belmont.  Amazing to think I went my whole life without seeing a Triple Crown winner, up until 3 years ago, and have now seen TWO.  I was happy to see Rob Gronkowski's horse, cleverly named "Gronkowksi," finish in second place.

Sunday morning, Meg and I were pretty drained.  We spent a ton of time resting, and it was needed.  I usually can't fall asleep during naps, but I woke up at one point nearly jumping out of my bed, cracking my neck in a good way...I had a nightmare that a BEAR was climbing onto my deck and peering in through my slider, just like those videos have been brought to my attention so many times.  As much as we joke, this was the first time I had a random BEAR nightmare in quite some time.  We think the culprit was my paranoia after a successful grilling session.  Meg had her first ever turkey burger, and while we were happy with how they came out, we prefer my classic juicy, and less healthy ground beef burgers.  We spent some time using electronic stimulators on my bad back for awhile, Meg gave me some good elbows, and then we took another nap after our unorthodox but still yummy turkey burger brunch.  

We then continued winning at life by going to Walmart in Franklin picking up a couple of bottled water cases.  Two cases, right up front and we were still there for 12 minutes.  Fun.  LOL.  After that, we ventured off to the Cottage in Franklin, where Meg hasn't been in several weeks.  Our friends / her fans were all very happy to see her.  Always great to run into our friends, Marky, Brad, Packer Fan Pat, bartender Cowboy fan Rachel, Paul, plus Parker and Jill Space.  My Boston Red Sox were on TV, and lost, much to the happiness of almost everyone else in the bar.  It felt like a typical football Sunday with everyone joking around cheering against me and my Boston sports teams, lol.  Our visit was a wonderful way to turn around our weekend and end on a positive note, despite the challenging start we had.  Another reminder of how amazing friends can make you smile in tough times, and to make the best with what you do have.  Delicious beers also help making the best of what you have.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend just like we did, with many more to come.


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