Paper straws to replace plastic?

Looks like McDonald's restaurants in the United Kingdom will be moving away from straws and replacing them with paper straws in an effort for a better environment as plastic is much more difficult to decompose naturally as opposed to paper.  Plus, wildlife is susceptible to choking to death because of plastic waste sitting in the landfills and trash throughout the world.

I've visited other countries recently and each time I was served a soft drink, a hard paper straw is handed to me.  At first, it's not much different than a plastic version, but eventually, the straw already shows and feels like it's withering away.  The feeling of sipping a drink through a paper straw is a bit odd, but you kind of get used to it.  Perhaps this is something that will hit the U.S. shores sooner than later.

A recent article posted on the New York Times website provides details on this recent development. See the link below for more details.

McDonald’s to Switch to Paper Straws in Britain as Country Turns Against Plastic


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