Big Changes Coming To Sparta. I can't wait!

I'm very excited for these major changes coming to Sparta on Route 15!  I have always felt that our area can absolutely support more local businesses.  Our friends at NJ Herald report that the planning board in Sparta has approved the new mixed retail and residential development.  YUMMY!  A brand new ShopRite that will give more dining options with their prepared meals and a Mohawk House spin off restaurant?  Get in my belly!  You may know that Mohawk House happens to be where Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had our first date, and Steve has always been a supporter of my Pet Of The Week feature that we do every Thursday at 3:45pm.  I love their plans that will give more housing options that are also walker friendly too.  Since I'm still painfully slowly learning how to cook thanks to the extreme patience of Awesome Girlfriend Megan (again, how lucky is Meg?) it's a safe bet you'll be seeing me on Route 15 frequently.

Instagram has come out with Instagram TV, allowing us to take and post much longer videos.  I'm only a novice at best, but still loving Instagram.  I love doing Stories on weekends, to me the hashtags are prettier at times than Snapchat.  I still have fun with Snapchat too of course.  Have you followed me on Instagram yet?  You can follow me on Instagram and or/ Snapchat, @SteveAllanRadio.  We also now have our radio station up on 'the gram."  You can follow us there too at @1023wsus.  This Instagram TV thing looks pretty cool and possibly dangerous, lol.  


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