What the? Your town might get axed and merged?

Apparently Jersey state lawmakers and tax experts are having brainstorming sessions.  One of their ideas from this brainstorming reportedly would be to merge 191 of the smallest towns in New Jersey where their population is less than 5,000 people.  This of course would hit Sussex County more than any other county in Jersey, almost 60% of our towns would be merged if they follow through with this plan.  This would impact the majority of our towns.  Andover, Franklin, Branchville, Stillwater, Lafayette, Green, Montague, Sussex, Stanhope are all on this list of towns that would have to merge.  Do you want to see your town get merged with an adjacent one?  They say this is extremely unlikely to pass, and I hope that is the case.  I wouldn't want to see our towns lose their identity.  I grew up in Mansfield, Ma and would never have wanted to merge with our next door neighbor town / rival Foxborough!  Now that I've grown up of course, ironically whenever I describe where we grew up Gillette Stadium comes up because my parents are an 11 minute drive away from there without traffic.  


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