This Weekend We're Taking On New Adventures

This weekend will certainly be epic, filled with many new adventures, memories, and hopefully laughs too.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan is a trooper!  She'll have to wake up at 2am on Friday our vacation day off.  We are shipping up to Boston for both my lifelong best friend Chris's Bachelor Party, and Meg will be enjoying a wonderful weekend with my family.  For Christmas last year, my family decided to give Meg a nice girls weekend out with my Mommy and Sister Suzanne.  It could be a rather complicated bachelor party weekend with many moving parts involved.  We're doing a guys golf weekend on Martha's Vineyard!  While I don't remember all of the many details, it is apparent we're going to be golfing at that golf course where Presidents have played!  How exciting!  We're going to be taking an 11am Ferry to The Vineyard, which makes the morning very interesting and exciting for me and Meg.  

Getting to Boston by 10am on a Friday morning will be a challenge.  We're going to leave my place by 4:30, meaning poor Awesome Girlfriend Megan has to wake up during the 2am hour, drive an hour to my place from Hackettstown, then we trek up together.  If all goes perfectly well, she'll be dropping me off at my lifelong best friend MattE's house just after 10am, where we are meeting to catch the Ferry.  Meg then gets to go spend the weekend with my family, Friday hanging at The Allan Tavern, and Saturday the girls will bring her into Boston.  They're taking her for a fun day trip involving The Duck Boat Tour, and Aladdin in Boston.  Ironically, despite growing up in Boston, I have never taken a Duck Boat Tour.  We tried last year with my family but it was sold out.  My sister Suzanne has reportedly already bought tickets online in advance this year, lol.  This weekend will hopefully be filled with tons of memories and laughs.  You can follow my travels and adventures throughout the weekend on Instagram: @SteveAllanRadio

I need to keep this guide handy with me all weekend!  An A to Z budget friendly guide for Martha's Vineyard!  You may know, Martha's Vineyard isn't known for being economical, you're paying for a ton of beauty.  Let's see how well we can do keeping this weekend on a budget!


The Keto diet is back to being extremely popular again.  They have come up with a very nice list of alcohol you can still enjoy even if you're on the Keto diet.  Vodka made the cut?  Yes!  


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