The 18 Boardwalks In NJ Ranked: I Must Explore!

Jersey Shore during summertime can be so beautiful.  I even love the Boardwalks during winter as long as they aren't covered in snow.  I never realized how much Jersey Shore and Boardwalks work together hand in hand.  I absolutely love the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, that's our personal favorite.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I LOVE Asbury Park.  Even if it rains on your beach vacation like it did to us, you can still have so many options all around the Boardwalk.  Even though we've only been to Asbury twice, that Boardwalk has still given me and Meg many wonderful memories.  I also have enjoyed the Boardwalk in Atlantic City (AC,) where there is slightly less beauty but much more fun action.  Our friends at have ranked all 18 Boardwalks (I didn't even realize there were that many,) and they just immediately make you start daydreaming.  I've only been to two of the Boardwalks?  Time for me to hit the beach and go down the shore!


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