Mountain Creek - Vernon Sewage Debt Debate Continues

Mountain Creek may find out on August 7th whether or not they have to pay a $28 million sewerage debt deal with Vernon and Sussex County Municipal Utilities.  This deal was made with Mountain Creek's previous owners, as they're now currently going through their Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring filing.  Vernon and Mayor Harry Shortway are trying to figure out who should pay the $28 million debt.  This is a challenging situation for sure.  Vernon is a tourism based community, and Mountain Creek brings in thousands of tourists year round.  Until Sussex County gains more destinations for families, our success rides heavily on the current attractions we have.  Hopefully Vernon, Sussex County and Mountain Creek can all find the best possible solution on an enormous $28 million debt, without negatively impacting our costs of living.  Mountain Creek recently proposed some of their plans to the courts, you can see those here.

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