Those pesky bugs!

Every night when I get home, I am greeted by a swarm of bugs before I insert the key to my door.  Usually, I have to wave my hands and arms around like some idiot just to get them out of my hair and into my ears.  And then when I get inside my home, some of those bugs find their way in.  Spraying poison around isn't really practical because I don't like the smell and I run the risk of poisoning myself in the process.

I finally found something online that would at least reduce the annoyance that I experience in the summertime when I want to enjoy the great outdoors in the evening or when I approach my well lit front door.  It looked ridiculous at first as it resembled a tennis racket but the name of it was even more over the top.

"The Bug Warrior Supreme", which comes in a cool carry-on plastic case, boasts 4000 watts of power when pushing the button on the side of the handle.  I gave it a go on the first try and an annoying moth that was swarming around me went in pieces after making contact with the grill and getting the loud zap "POP"!  Wow, this thing packs a punch.  Mosquitoes, flies, wasps...all suffered an untimely death upon meeting my new device!  Check out the photos of my latest gadget below...

Summer time just got a little better...


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