Another Epic Weekend In Pictures: I HATE SNAKES!

While it may not have been the most active Weekends in my history, in spite of rain we still made our time count.  This Weekend In Pictures will involve video of an alligator in Jersey, a huge boa snake, time with friends, and some delicious beverages.  Despite working Friday, we basically kicked off our weekend Thursday.  The return of football, even preseason, made me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan very happy.  Her Cowboys were on television at 10pm Thursday night!  I decided to have her over for a little tailgate party, grilling Ballpark All Beef Frank hot dogs on my deck, and surprised her with well poured Guinness beers.  We enjoyed our tailgate party, then set our alarms to 9:50pm right before kickoff.  The Giants - Cleveland preseason game was finally winding down.  Somehow my TV magically changed channels on me, which Meg brought to my attention, and I was able to find the NFL Network showing Dallas.  I turned the channel just in time for Meg to see Dak Prescott throw a touchdown.  Success!  #BoyfriendWin.  We then basically went back to bed after that, the backup players weren't exciting enough to keep us awake.

I love our life!  Friday was my last broadcast at The New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm & Horse Show.  Friday morning off the air, Steve Andrews informed me that Hunter Space was doing a snake demonstration at The Fair, but didn't know details.  Halfway through my broadcast, all of the sudden I get a tap on my shoulder "Hey Steve I brought a surprise for you."  Hunter had a massive boa constrictor in a carrier!  You think I am scared of Bears?  I LOVE BEARS, compared to how I feel about snakes.  I HATE SNAKES.  You can see my interview with Hunter while I'm completely freaking out here.  Speaking of reptiles, while I can't stand snakes, the alligator show was amazing.  This alligator show is one of my favorite things I have ever seen at The Fair.  I went to my live broadcast 3 hours early just to take a video of this entire demonstration which is entertaining and informative.  My whole life I really believed that alligator myth that they can run 35 miles per hour and you should run in zig zags to escape them.  As you can see below, turns out they can only run 10 miles per hour.  

Friday night, chill night in at our buddy Matt Spooner's place on Campus.  His place can even beat my gorgeous deck views.  We enjoyed delicious red red wine with burgers and steaks.  Meg got to hang with the bros, and it was wonderful.  Relaxing time with friends enjoying a gorgeous sunset over the mountain makes for a fantastic Friday night!  

Saturday the rain definitely put a small damper things, but when plans change it is time to simply adjust and make fun new plans.  I swung by the radio station and took care of minor things like giving George Fuller my Fair parking pass, further distancing myself from Fair Life.  12-14 hour days several days a week can wear you down, that's for sure.  I then took Awesome Girlfriend Megan on a surprise lunch to Mohawk House in Sparta.  She wouldn't let me pay and I was ticked.  We always battle over silly little things like that, lol.  My Mohawk Burger was medium rare with bacon, and absolutely delicious.  Meg enjoyed her cheeseburger quesadilla, which given my hatred for cheese isn't my speed, but she loved it.  

We then stayed on Campus Saturday night.  While our favorite Campus Moonshine Tiki Bar had to close due to flash flooding rains, we ventured up to Kite's for a special occasion that happens every August --- my 1st Samuel Adams Oktoberfest beer!  Great times with some of our Besties for sure.  After fun with friends at Kite's, we then swung by our besty Carrie on Campus and had a victory beer with her.  Great times.

Sunday morning, Meg and I were able to sleep in.  This was just what the doctor ordered for both of us.  Meg hasn't been sleeping well lately, probably because she's up at night wondering how she can possibly be dating a guy who doesn't like cheese.  I haven't slept much due to our nonstop Fair radio broadcasts.  Sunday morning was absolutely wonderful.  Then the sad part of our weekend happens when Meg has to go back to Hackettstown.  I try to score additional time with Meg whenever possible, so I took her out for a farewell beer with our buddies at The Cottage in Franklin.  Kudos to Damian on their 11th anniversary!  Meg and I enjoyed the "Perpetual IPA," delicious beer.  We had so much fun enjoying that yummy craft beer while watching golf with our buddies.  Marky, Packer Fan Pat, Buckeye Paul, Cowboy fan bartender Rachel, and so many more.  Meg and I are now enjoying watching golf together.  It can be addicting!  Meg went to Hackettstown, and I enjoyed a beer with my besties Jasen and JG back at our favorite Campus Tiki Bar.  The weather was beautiful of course after all of my broadcasts at The Fair ended, figures!  Next weekend time to hunker down, my sister Suzanne will be visiting us from Boston.  We'll take her to a sunflower maze and more fun around Campus.  This figures to be epic, or as she would say "Wicked Epic!"  Slightly more low key than normal, but we still had a great weekend, blessed with so many amazing friends.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.

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