My Epic Weekend In Pictures With A Close Call

This epic Weekend In Pictures was anything but routine, that's for sure.  My hot water heater breaking, Goat yoga, throwing out another celebrity first pitch with The Sussex County Miners, another fantasy football draft, and fun times with friends all happened these past few days.  Friday was quite the hellacious day.  This summer my allergies have been brutal.  Friday morning I woke up and my eyes were watery and running for almost an hour.  Then later Friday morning our handyman Glenn discovered that my hot water heater had broken.  Apparently my hot water heater has been leaking water for the past several weeks and running under my floor.  This could be why I've been waking up often feeling like garbage!  Even though it's a rental situation, I still treat my place like its my very own.  I left our radio station Friday twice to let in handymen and then plumbers.  I always try to help out my landlord as much as possible.  They now have alarms you can attach to hot water heaters alerting you when they break.  I now highly recommend this.  Unfortunately we are going to have to do my floor over.  The floor has risen dramatically.

By Friday night I was exhausted.  Between an insanely busy day at work covering for people on vacation, and dealing with hot water heater drama, I was beat.  An ice cream truck came to our radio station parking lot, and two different coworkers called to tell me about it, knowing I was having a rough day.  I almost said at that point "call me when the wine truck pulls up to our place."  On fumes, I made my way to Skylands Stadium to throw out my latest celebrity first pitch for the playoff bound Sussex County Miners.  Ever have those days where you're so drained you almost start crying?  I park in the gravel parking lot early before my pitch and was responding to people on Facebook.  I look up, and all of the sudden there's Awesome Girlfriend Megan walking to me.  SURPRISE!  I had plans to see her in Hackettstown after the game, but she came early to cheer me on and surprise me.  Even though I was going to see her a couple hours later anyway, Meg surprising me like that made my night.  

The pitch.  I threw it with decent velocity, ended up a little high and inside.  Unfortunately my hot water heater prevented me from being able to warm up in our parking lot with Steve Andrews.  Warming up makes all the difference with these pitches.  To add more comedic value, the kid beside me threw a better strike than me!  LOL.  I then tried giving my 1st pitch ball to a girl in the stands, but she wanted nothing to do with me.  She was very shy, her Dad kept cracking up and apologizing.  I then found a couple of brothers at The Wheel House, who were thrilled to get my ball.  Meg and I enjoyed a victory beer with our besties from work Kim and Brittany.  Our victory beer with great company was terrific!  We then were able to meet Miners Owner Nick.  I thanked him for bringing so much joy to young families in Sussex County.  I have said for years we need more fun things for families here to do.  Nick has a friendship with Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny.  He told us some amazing stories, and that made Meg's night.  Meg is a Springsteen diehard, so she was in heaven.

Saturday morning, I had to leave Meg's in Hackettstown at 6:30 to meet our plumber.  I have known Kevin for years, and was happy he was able to be the one doing work on my place.  They were in and out of my place in two hours, taking out my broken hot water heater and putting in our new one.  I just sat on my couch and admired their craftsmanship.  I'm always fascinated by trade workers, just like they probably have fun watching us do our radio careers.  After they were finished, I got some office work done at our radio station for a couple of hours, then time time to play!  I enjoyed a couple of drinks with my Besty Jasen at our Campus Tiki Bar, Moonshine Poolside Bar.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it's always so peaceful hearing the waterfalls.  Living in a vacation resort definitely has many perks!

Saturday night, time for my Fantasy Football Draft with my Bros from home.  I was on my laptop here in Jersey, one of our besties was on his laptop in California, and the rest were in Massachusetts.  Tough to believe I've been playing Fantasy Football for over 20 years now with my bros.  This was a very tough decision.  Basically my best case scenario due to everyone having a couple of keepers, was me landing Saquon Barkley, running back for the Giants.  That's right, A Giant.  My bitter enemy Giants.  At least I was able to take Gronk with my second round pick, hopefully that'll cancel out the evil Giant power around me.  I'm not thrilled with my Team, The Radioboyz, but think they came out okay so far.  Everyone looks strong on paper at first, right?  

Sunday was a bit more low key.  I was able to take Awesome Girlfriend Megan and her youngest Awesome Daughter Amanda out to The Cottage in Franklin.  Amanda loved her shirley temple (I always tease bartenders and ask them to make it strong,) and Meg and I loved our Perpetual IPAs.  We are hooked on those Perpetual IPAs!  I can highly recommend them, they're a great happy medium, not too much of anything, just enough of everything.  Meg's always happy when bartender Rachel / fellow Cowboys diehard fan is on duty.  We had fun.  I then laid out by the pool on Campus, and ran into my buddies Ed and Brad.  We had a great chill late afternoon early evening, and I was in bed by 7pm.  Long weekend.  Action packed.  Success.  btw, have you seen my now infamous Goat Yoga video?  Apparently some think that it's hilarious.  Over 3200 people have watched me make an Arse of myself doing Goat Yoga lol.  You can see the video below.

Despite the hot water heater issue, we had a wonderful weekend with many amazing friends.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.  Time to start planning the next one: Pearl Jam at Fenway Park, here I come!

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