We Might Get A Beer Tent At Franklin Carnival!

In news that gets me excited and thirsty, we might be getting a beer tent at The Franklin Carnival this year!  The Council voted to allow The Irish Cottage Inn to set up a beer and wine tent, where I would be a loyal customer.  Supporting local business, right?  Whether or not we get a beer tent at the carnival this year remains to be seen however, as Cottage owner (and my buddy despite being a Giants fan,) Damian pointed out at the meeting there are many expenses involved with staffing, tent and equipment rentals.  If the planets can align, I believe a beer tent would be a fantastic addition to The Franklin Carnival.  The beer tent was always packed at The New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm & Horse Show earlier this month, that's for sure.  That being said, the ultimate factor beyond our control, weather, probably ultimately will have the biggest impact on possible success.  Let's hope for great weather and a fun time!

Beer Tent Photo by Pixabay

Last night I had another BEAR encounter.  Can we please tell this guy that BEAR WEEK was LAST month, not now???!!!??!!

Tips for meditating.  I've been procrastinating on meditating for far too long.  I need to start doing this.  Yoga has helped me a bit, but I need to try meditation too.  These are some tips on how we can start the process, while doing everyday simple chores.  Believe me, me meditating while cooking would not happen!  Meditating while in the shower?  I could see that happening though.

Yoga photo by Pixabay

Despite the strong economy, nearly 40% of us are struggling with basic expenses.  I'm at times guilty of this too.  For me, I know things will improve in time, but patience can be tough sometimes!  

Photo by Pixabay

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