They're Raising Our Gas Tax In Jersey AGAIN?!?!

After raising our gas tax in Jersey just two years ago, they're already going to increase it again!  This is the second time since 2016 they have raised our gas tax prices.  Wow!  I wish this was a joke or fake news.  After this gets enforced, we will reportedly have the 5th highest gas tax in America.  This can definitely hurt middle class commuters.  Are our already highest property taxes in America not enough?  Yikes.  Growing up in a suburb of Boston, I've been accustomed to life like this to an extent.  Massachusetts has always had a nickname of "Taxachusetts," but New Jersey might be taking the lead even more now.  Governor Murphy's administration is of course blaming the Governor Christie administration.  At this point I don't even care, just fix this mess!   We're already losing population to other states, I doubt this will help matters.

Gas Pump photo by Pixabay


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