An Epic Weekend In Pictures, With Family And Pearl Jam

My Weekend In Pictures ranging from New York to Jersey to Massachusetts was definitely epic and action packed.  I enjoyed great times with family, friends, and was able to see Pearl Jam at Fenway!  You could say that I started off my Weekend by driving Steve Andrews to Willowbrook Mall in Wayne for his vacation.  Andrews got the bus without issue, success.  Friday night we started off our Weekend in style, enjoying wine and pizza in Warwick with our besty, Bobbi.  You know those friends who even if you haven't seen in person, the minute you're together it's like no time had ever passed?  That's Bobbi.  Not only hilarious, but always positive and inspirational.  We then ventured back onto Campus in Vernon for a house party over at Carrie's.  Good Friday night in, which was needed ahead of my extreme travel weekend.  With your red wine friends Josh and Robert Mondavi, you just can't go wrong!  We enjoyed many laughs, and some dancing with Carrie, Jasen and Brendan.  Those laughs were just what Awesome Girlfriend Megan needed before an action packed weekend.

Saturday morning, I hit the road leaving Vernon at 8am.  Smooth sailing!  I made it from Vernon to my parents in Mansfield at 12pm, 4 hours door to door.  That's as quick a commute as possible with that drive.  Major victory.  Upon returning home, my parents were very excited to show me their new addition.  Our prize area is where we call The Allan Tavern.  My family has a glorified sports bar in our basement.  We have now expanded with an outdoor all season room.  I was so touched, the very first beer they put up was one that Meg and I gave them from Asbury Park Brewery, 'Sea Dragon.'  

I have lived in Jersey for almost 5 years.  My Mommy has been trying to talk me into using a microwave cart for my place the whole time.  My place is too small for a microwave cart.  She then tried tricking me into taking a microwave cart saying "oh this can go by your grill or your kitchen, and it matches your trash barrel perfectly!"  As you can see from the picture, it is clearly a microwave cart, which I rejected.  

Padre then took me to his favorite local spot, Bog Iron Brewery in Norton, Massachusetts.  We drove right by TPC Boston, where Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were playing.  Padre and I enjoyed a couple of delicious craft beers.  My favorite their is an IPA called "Middle Child."  

Saturday night, dinner bunch!  We enjoyed a great night with JDawg, Leisure Paul, Aunty Donna, Sue, Matt, Madre and Padre.  

Sunday was time to enjoy life back home.  I got iced coffees for my family, and flowers for the girls.  I always try to get flowers for Madre, Suzanne, and Grammy.  These bouquets came out pretty strong.  I got Suzanne one with a sun flower, because there weren't too many here in Jersey during her visit, and flip flops for Madre and Grammy.  Getting to see Grammy was terrific.  She's still one of my best friends.

Sunday afternoon I got to hang out with Davey, who's been my besty since we were 9 years old.  He's known me longer than anyone of my friends.  We were able to catch up on so much, it was wonderful.  I haven't been able to spend enough time with my friends from back home these past couple of years, so we try to make every single second count.  

Sunday my sister Suzanne got out of work at 5.  We then had our Uber gun it to Fenway Park for Pearl Jam.  Fenway Park announced that Pearl Jam would be taking the stage at 6:30pm.  Wicked early!  We were stressing a bit but made it just in time, 6:25pm.  We get there, enjoy two beers...and wait.  And wait.  I don't know whether this was due to a technical glitch from Pearl Jam, or from Fenway Park, but Pearl Jam didn't go on stage until 7:55pm.  Normally I would be fine with that, but not after e-mails were sent alerting us for a 6:30pm start time.  We and thousands of others rushed to this for absolutely no reason at all.  

The show was AMAZING.  I've had basically a 25 year relationship with Pearl Jam.  I fell in love with them when I was 12 and Ten came out.  Pearl Jam has been my all time favorite band ever since then.  My first time seeing them live was in September 1998.  I have seen them 18-20 times in my life, need to do the math sometime later this week.  This was in my top 5 of all time favorite shows.  Eddie Vedder is a diehard baseball fan and has several Red Sox / Boston connections.  He told a touching story about how in 1991, he broke into Fenway Park and gave himself a self guided tour.  At times Eddie was on the verge of tears, so proud and humbled to be playing in Center Field at Fenway Park.  He gave a shout out to Bono from U2, late Senator John McCain, late Tom Petty, among others.  I think Pearl Jam's set list was fantastic.  I'm a diehard fan of their 90s albums.  We may have sweat off 10 pounds at this show, but it was fantastic!  We then were able to enjoy a few beers with our Besty Nate who we saw after the show.  

Monday, I knew was going to be a Marathon commute.  I wanted to get in Lunch Bunch with my family before hitting the road.  Many don't like the negatives of social media, but I tend to see positives from it.  Upon putting up on Instagram that I was at Pearl Jam in Fenway, my friend Kim reached out to me.  Kim used to tend bar at Crystal Springs, now she lives in Worcester, and works at Gillette Stadium.  She basically has done the exact reversal of my move.  Glad to see her settling into New England.  I told her "enjoy the seafood!"  

Speaking of seafood, time for farewell lunch bunch.  We went to Fresh Catch in Mansfield, where I had a delicious tuna burger sandwich.  Yeah buddy!  Most importantly, I was able to get a quart of New England Clam Chowder for Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  When I brought Meg to Boston for her first time, she fell in love with Chowdah.  It's now one of her favorite foods.  I was able to purchase a quart of yummy New England Clam Chowdah.  Tonight Meg will come over and we will enjoy white New England Clam Chowdah together.  

My weekend was a great reminder of how lucky I am to have such amazing family and friends.  This weekend I get more time with Awesome Girlfriend Megan, and my family.  We are going up to Maine for our friends Chris and Kayla Nudd's wedding.  This will probably be even more epic!  Our weekend was terrific.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.  Let's start getting ready for next weekend!

Photo with Kim


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