Watch Out My Pet Of The Week Is Vicious!

MEEEEET ELVIRA!  This is one of my favorite Adopt A Pets I have ever had on my show.  This absolutely gorgeous puppy has been rescued from Port Jervis and is now at Father John's Animal House in Sparta.  Over the last few years as I have known and loved more and more of my friends "bully breed," dogs, it's been making me want to champion them even more.  I'm never a fan of breed discrimination.  Most dogs can be trained for good or bad.  You can tell that Elvira has a few battle scars that look very shady, seeming that someone did things to her they should not have.  You can see a decent size scar on the middle of her back.  As you can see, Elvira is one of the sweetest pups ever!  She could not stop kissing us.  ALL of us.  We couldn't get more pictures of her because she kept trying to kiss our phone whenever we tried taking pictures of her.  Let's help Elvira find her new Furever Family!  



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