A Jersey Driver's License Might NOT Be Enough To Fly!

posted by Steve Allan - 

Soon your New Jersey driver's license might not be enough identification to fly on domestic flights.  I haven't hit this story yet because of it's confusing nature.  If this situation isn't fixed, we may need passports in addition to our driver's license for identification.  Only 42% of Americans have a valid passport, so this could lead to travel nightmares.  How can they make you bring your passport when not even leaving the country?  Not everyone has the cash on hand to plunk down the $145 to get a passport without adequate notice.  26 states have implemented this "REAL ID," program, but Jersey and 24 other have not.  This program is designed to make us less vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  You can see more information about the REAL ID program here.  

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay


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