Are Your Allergies Bad Too?

Fall allergies have apparently begun and I'm already a MESS.  Scratchy throat, watery eyes, and at times runny nose are the common symptoms and they're nailing me right now.  This is so bizarre to me because I never had these allergies growing up, yet now I'm apparently another allergy sufferer.  I might even have hay fever, which never struck me as possible before now.  They're saying that ragweed pollen and mold are the biggest triggers, which makes sense.  Since my hot water heater broke a couple of months ago, we've been in transition where we'll have to do my whole hardwood floor over.  My landlord informed me this weekend that I'll likely soon be homeless for a couple of weeks.  Again, how lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan?  My friends also might benefit from my future house guest stays on Campus in Vernon.  Here are some tips on battling Fall allergies --- even though staying in due to my current situation might not help me either!

Appalachian Trail Boardwalk

Appalachian Trail Boardwalk, Vernon, NJ.  Photo by Steve Allan 


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