Bacon for dessert?

So I was eating lunch from a fast food restaurant recently and a couple of strips of bacon were included in my burger sandwich.  The bacon was probably the more palatable of the entire sandwich, which got me thinking "Bacon goes great with everything".  I've had it with oatmeal, consumed it with boring salad and enjoyed it as something to snack on in between meals.

But dessert?  Purists would call that unthinkable and blasphemous!

Well, I say...why not?  Maybe it can go with ice cream, cakes, drinks, etc.  Get my drift?  Or am I just crazy?

I recently stumbled upon an online article at and they came up with some tasty ideas for those of you who enjoy the taste of bacon to mix in with your sweet tooth.  Check it out on the link below and see if this would convince you to try some of these confections!

14 Desserts That Prove Bacon Goes Great With Everything


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