My Epic Weekend In Pictures - Homeless Tour Strong

One week down, (hopefully) one week left during my #SteveWorldTour - Homless Edition.  This weekend Awesome Girlfriend Megan was lucky enough to get custody of me between my travels back and forth from Hackettstown to Vernon to New Hope and everywhere else we could go.  Friday morning I was very upset that the contractor had left my prized possession posters outside in the freezing cold on my deck all night.  I saw that my Pearl Jam at Fenway Park poster was left on my deck, I was too upset to even look at what else he might have left out there.  Friday at work I was sick to my stomach all day, and decided I was going to go straight to my place, and if there were still on my deck, to somehow fit them into my already packed to the max Jeep Compass.  Fortunately, they were back inside my living room by the time I arrived Friday night after leaving the radio station.  We put them all in bubble wrap before my homeless tour started, hopefully that helped them.  I knew they would be moved, but didn't expect them to be left outside on my deck in the freezing cold.   

Mileage wise, it may not have made the most sense for me to spend the night at Awesome Girlfriend Megan's in Hackettstown, only to fly back to Vernon for the Minerals Sports Club Open House, then drive back to Hackettstown.  That being said, I'm grateful I did.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I haven't been able to talk as much as usual during this Homeless Tour because I'm always out and about somewhere at one of my friends homes.  We still text whenever possible, but some days that's just not enough.  I missed her a ton, and would do that drive any day.  

The Minerals Sports Club Open House was fun, my official tour guide Taryn did GREAT.  We struggled with wifi challenges, that's why you'll see the two videos split up basically.  Wifi struggles are NOT fun!  


Saturday, Awesome Girlfriend took me and her Awesome Daughter Amanda to New Hope, PA.  I had never been there before and found that town to be very nice.  New Hope is right on the river, across from Stockton, NJ.  I loved the beautiful waterfall.  They built that downtown right, with tons of fun tiki bars that had outdoor heaters all over the place.  We enjoyed one round of beers with a nicely poured Shirley Temple.  Meg and her Awesome Daughter Amanda had fun in the shops they have, and I was reminded that I can't stand being in shops.  For some reason I just can't sit still or stand in one place for any length of time.  My one speed is GO!  Again we ask, how lucky is Meg?  

We went by a tip from Megan's Awesome Mommy to find crepes.  We found a crepe place in a fancy food court, but Meg's Mom told us about a terrific one across the river in Stockton.  We went to the food court across the river, and discovered that there were no crepes to be found.  I rallied us up, we drove back across the river to New Hope, walked half a mile to that food court with the crepe stand, and got one crepe for Awesome Daughter Amanda and one for Meg's Awesome Mommy.  

We then were able to relax in Meg's Awesome Mommy's outdoor hot tub for a bit, and played with their gorgeous new puppy, Penny.  We had a ton of fun getting to hang with Meg's mom and pop.  They have always taken me in like a stray puppy, and she got a kick out of me showing her my homeless tour pictures.  Saturday night we ended up getting some wings to go in Hackettstown, and watched the Dodgers beat Milwaukee as they're raring to go against my Sox in the World Series.  

Sunday, plans changed.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan made egg breakfast sandwiches while I expertly stayed out of her way.  One of her plates broke, so I volunteered to get a replacement at Walmart.  They didn't have the same color scheme, so this plate was a shade off being a mismatch.  I was livid.  Meg will return it.  We were going to hang with Sally, Douglioso, and Marky at The Cottage, but once Sally and Douglioso had to cancel, Meg and I decided to stay in Hackettstown.  If I was still in Vernon we would have done it, but it's a far drive from Hackettstown to Franklin when we were only going to be able to stay for the first half of my Pats.  We stayed in Hackettstown, watching my Pats at the bar where they drove me nuts most of the day, then watched Meg's Cowboys at her place, where they then drove her nuts.  It's like we both took turns being very angry for 3-4 hour stints.  Welcome back football! lol.  

I then took out the trash for Meg this morning, in an attempt to earn my keep.  We have this week's rotation schedule mapped out.  Monday night at Spooner's for Monday Night Giants Football (I'll behave,) Tuesday and Wednesday night at JGs, Thursday night possibly Brad's if my place isn't ready by then.  Here we go!  Our weekend was terrific, and we made many fun, new memories despite several plans having to change.  I hope your weekend was wonderful too.  Time to start planning next weekend!


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