I Tried Pilates And Survived!

Trying out new things on these adventures is getting to be quite entertaining.  I tried out Pilates for my first time ever thanks to our expert Pilates instructor, Barbara.  As you can see, Barbara has the patience of a saint!  I warned her that I have minimal flexibility with no core strength whatsoever.  During the straps, she admitted hearing even my legs cracking.  Early one I accidentally pulled off one move that she had never even seen in her whole entire 20+ year career!  You can see a beginner's guide to Pilates that I should have read before doing this here.  They'll even take beginners / stray puppies like myself, LOL.  


Taryn gave me a wonderful tour at our Minerals Open House!


This is a very popular video, me making a fool of myself trying out Zumba with William.  At least I had fun while doing it!


Youseff showing me one of many reasons why I could never be a bartender!


Me attempting boxing for my first time ever with Sergio.  Thank goodness Awesome Girlfriend Megan was there to be my trainer.  


This will probably be my legacy, the epic GOAT YOGA video lol.  



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