Deadlifts for Dancing. A Fundraiser for Breana

Deadlifts 4 Dancing is a fundraising event to help support a local young lady in need. We are raising money to help fund a surgery Breana needs in order to keep dancing. She has a severe case of scoliosis and the surgery she needs is not covered by insurance so her parents are on the hook for this VERY costly procedure. The competition will work like this:

3:00 max reps deadlift. The RX weight for men is 305# and for women is 225#.The scaled weight for men is 275# and women is 185#. 

Whomever pulls the most reps in that 3:00 period will win a cash prize (TBD) male or female.Two prizes will be awarded. One for RX and one for scaled. Cost: $25 per lifter; $5 per spectator 

Donations accepted at the door! Every penny we raise for this event will go toward Breana's surgery. Anything raised over and above the amount needed for the surgery will go to another local child in need. Doors open at 9am. Lifting begins promptly at 10am.   

To Purchase tickets, click below:


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