They're Even Spamming Our Phones With Texts?

On Election Eve, suddenly I started seeing on my social media feed several of my friends complaining about getting robocalls and spam texts from politicians asking for their vote.  Talk about annoying and intrusive!  Awesome Girlfriend Megan was annoyed by several of these last night, and many of my other besties were too.  Feeling left out, I'm wondering why my cell number wasn't part of this campaign?  Apparently when we vote, our name, phone number and address become public record that we voted.  While there are laws against a system doing these robotexts, political campaigns can have human individuals send these mass texts, and it's legal.  Political parties and beliefs aside, I will get on my soap box and oppose this practice, no matter which party.  Spamming us via text message to our phones is too intrusive.  The FCC is also giving us some helpful tips on stopping annoying robocalls and texts too.


Even while voting, the BEARS always make their presence known to me, lol.  


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