Hardyston Home Explosion Closes Walkill School

A home exploded in Hardyston right across the street from Walkill Valley Regional High School.  This explosion could be felt in Hardyston, and even in Vernon, Sparta, Jefferson, and Roxbury!  Authorities say the explosion happened around 11pm and has torn the family home down to nothing but rubble.  Walkill Valley Regional High School has several cracked windows and debris from the explosion which authorities suspect resulted from a leaking propane gas tank.  Local First Responders were out there in the cold and wind for hours.  Amazing efforts by Hardyston Fire, Walkill Valley First Aid Squad Member Miranda Hnyda, of Franklin.  Thank you to them!  You can also nominate these to be our Nielsen Ford First Responders Of The Month, and they can win a $500 donation, right here.  Thank goodness the family was away on vacation and nobody was home.  Also thank goodness nobody in their homes nearby were hurt.  One of my best friends has a cousin who lives very close by, and their house shook off the foundation!  I went into high alert mode when I saw some in Vernon last night on Facebook asking if we had an Earthquake because places shook so much.  I can't believe I slept through that!  

I found 3 safety tips to help prevent propane tank leaks here.

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay


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