Big Potential Changes Coming To Lake Hopatcong?

Big changes could be coming to Lake Hopatcong after an in depth survey was taken by students at Seton Hall.  Many have requested a boardwalk, plus more restaurant and shop options.  I firmly believe that restaurants can be a great way to rejuvenate an area.  This survey seems to be a win for all involved, only costing the town $3,000 instead of the normal going rate upwards of $30,000.  Those surveyed don't want more housing or chain stores, but rather smaller, independent options.  I love that!  I love visiting Lake Hopatcong and would definitely go more often if there were more dining and drinking options on the water.  We have had several great memories on Lake Hopatcong, I even took my parents from Boston there on a fun afternoon.  I believe that you can build on Lake Hopatcong without sacrificing its beauty.

Lake Mohawk

Picture I took from the boardwalk on Lake Mohawk.  I would love to be able to take a picture like this of Lake Hopatcong too!


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