Mountain Creek Reaches Settlement With Vernon!

Mountain Creek has reportedly reached a settlement with Vernon during their bankruptcy proceedings.  This could be great news for Mountain Creek, Vernon, Sussex County and beyond.  Mountain Creek will enact a service charge in their cost of admission that will go towards paying the $28 million sewage debt, meaning taxpayers in Vernon and Sussex County would not be impacted.  With so much of Vernon's economy riding on tourism, Mountain Creek is an integral part of their success.  

Earlier this week Vernon Mayor Harry Shortway expressed optimism on Mountain Creek nearing a bankruptcy settlement with Vernon.  The looming $28 million sewage debt was on top of many minds, whether Mountain Creek would pay or Sussex County.  Mayor Shortway had also expressed confidence that Vernon taxpayers wouldn't get stuck with the bill, like we did with the failed Solar Project.    

Mountain Creek Resort recently announced that they are transferring controlling ownership over to Snow Operating, who has been overseeing operations of Mountain Creek since last year.  Vernon native Snow Operating CEO Joe Hession will now be co-CEO of Snow Operating and Mountain Creek.  Hession, the 38 year old CEO had worked with Mountain Creek from the time he was an entry level employee at age 14, growing his career to all the way to General Manager.  

I'm very excited that the future will be run by a guy who has done it all at Mountain Creek in the ski industry and knows the challenges that come with running a skiing operation in Northwest New Jersey.  Almost 5 years ago, we had a bitter, cold, snowy winter that led to record breaking totals.  The past few years have seen more inconsistent and challenging weather patterns.  Last President's Day weather was in the 60s crushing many ski slope trails (especially my favorite that I can watch from my deck in Vernon, Granite,) whereas the big snow storm didn't happen until March, too late to benefit most trails.   One of my many favorite things about living here in Jersey is getting to watch skiers on Mountain Creek from my deck.  I'm selfishly rooting for a prosperous outcome for all!  Below you can the beautiful snow guns I get to enjoy from my deck.  Love living here!



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