My Less Than Epic Weekend In Pictures

This weekend was less than Epic, but still wonderful with some terrific friends.  I had some successes and some fails.  I was very happy to see my mountain Granite open in Vernon at Mountain Creek this weekend.  To think that after 5 years of watching skiers from my deck, I'm finally going to become one of them this weekend is exciting and humbling.  You'll be seeing my skiing attempts both on Facebook and in this space.  Overall my weekend was very low key.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I were thinking often about Steve Andrews as he's trying to help his granddaughter Gracie in an already ugly custody battle.  You can see how he's standing up for Gracie here.  Our thoughts are with our friend.  Ever have one of those weekends where getting your bathroom door fixed is one of the biggest accomplishments?  I can explain.

Ever since my floors were done over during my #SteveWorldTour - Homeless Edition a couple months ago, my bathroom door hasn't been able to completely close.  You were able to shut it enough, but couldn't close it completely.  Living alone, this wasn't the biggest issue in my everyday life, but I certainly wanted to get it fixed before entertaining family and friends.  I suspected that there was perhaps a missing hinge on my door or something of that nature.  I was wrong (per usual.)  Apparently, while smashing up my old hardwood floors, the contractor smashed so hard that my bathroom wall was physically moved.  Handyman Glenn and his team to my rescue!  Also, ever since my floors were switched from hardwood to laminate, while they're beautiful, the floor is much lower than it was.  This led to a huge gap under my front door making my place VERY cold the past couple of months.  Even with my door heat stopper thingies, it's still been freezing.  They were able to put a rubber stopper thing at the bottom that's already making a major positive difference.  #Adulting

They've had the snow guns running on Granite at Mountain Creek for days, and Saturday was the very first day that skiers and snowboards could enjoy it.  This feels like opening day for me.  I have so much fun watching and listening to snow guns, while watching skiers and snowboards whizzing by me from my deck.  Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am and how much I LOVE living where I do?  Immediately once the chairlift started cranking up, you could feel the added energy from everyone everywhere.  It was sunny outside and beautiful skiing conditions I'm sure.  

After I enjoyed tea watching the skiers, it was time to run some errands like laundry and all that fun stuff.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan had her Awesome Daughters in Hackettstown this weekend, so I was slightly lost on what to do with myself.  She suggested that I go to Minerals Sports Club and enjoy the hot tubs, relax and try to help my back and neck that have been bad for over two years.  Per usual, Awesome Girlfriend Megan was right.  It was a nice, relaxing hour in the hot tubs away from the cold weekend weather.  

Saturday night, it was onto Hackettstown to watch Meg's Dallas Cowboys in their playoff game.  Meg is very similar to me when it's football time: passionate, intense, and at times rather antisocial.  I understand her struggle quite well.  We went out for a quick beer before the game, and Meg was very tense.  She was so tense I was big time worried that Meg was mad at me for something, but fortunately she was just in the zone for her Dallas playoff game.  Meg HATES losing.  She hates losing so much, that she ordered me to drink more red wine, knowing it would make me sleepy, so that we could both fall asleep together with 5:00 left in the game therefore not seeing the Cowboys actually lose in real time.  For her she would much rather wake up in the middle of the night, check her phone, and see that they won or lost.  You probably know now that Dallas lost and Meg is unhappy with that.  Overall, we still had a great time getting to be together for the game at least.  

Talk about fails all weekend from me.  I didn't remember to do selfies with Awesome Girlfriend Megan or my terrific friends!  Not to worry, next weekend during Awesome Girlfriend Megan's birthday, I will make up for it and then some!!!  Sunday I was off to Hewitt enjoying our Patriots game with my besties Douglioso and Sally.  They were some of my first friends I ever made here 5 years ago, and are still my best.  Due to scheduling conflicts, tough to believe this was the first Patriots game we were able to watch together all season.  I'm happy with the Patriots outcome.  If we play exactly like that, with a strong running game keeping all of the other dynamic offenses off the field, we have a chance.  Patriots are a long shot this year, but playing that style like yesterday will give us a chance.  

Sunday night, wrapped our our weekend with my besties JG, Steve and Tony The Pony at Kite's.  We were mildly entertaining to our bartender buddies Sam and Natalee at times.  At times.  Overall we had a great weekend.  I hope yours was wonderful too.  Time to start planning next weekend, for Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Birthday!!!  #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong



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