I Survived Aerial Yoga! Barely.

I finally tried "Aerial Yoga," on my latest adventure with Minerals Sports Club.  This is not your grandfather's yoga, that's for sure!  Aerial yoga helps not just with flexibility but also with your core strength.  You may have noticed from many of these videos that I have absolutely no core strength whatsoever.  I always stress that if even Steve Allan can do it, you can do it too!  My instructor Terra has been doing yoga for 20 years, and aerial yoga for the past 10 years.  She's definitely an expert in this field, and fortunately for me she has the patience of a saint.  At one point, I'm suspended upside down with these straps.  At another point, my body is being bent in ways that I never thought possible.  Then finally, I realized perhaps wearing a jock strap could have been beneficial during the very last exercise.  You can also see the top ten benefits of Aerial yoga here.


You can see even more of my fun videos at Minerals Sports club below!  

This was a great post New Year's workout with my friend Barbara.  She shows great modifications on exercises in case you (like me) can't make it all the way.


That time I learned tennis and pickleball with my buddy Brad.


That time I tried Aqua Aerobics with my good friend April in our beautiful pools.  


That time when Minerals Mike made me do LEG DAY.  They promoted him shortly after seeing the pain he put me in!  LOL.  


Doable diet tips from my dear friend, Taryn!  


Who better than Taryn to give me a tour at Minerals Sports Club Open House?


When my buddy William helped us break the internet by having me try Zumba despite having no rhythm whatsoever.  I'll see you again this year!  


Sergio teaching me how to do boxing for my first time ever!  


That time I tried GOAT YOGA.  To sum it up in one word: EPIC.



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