My Less Than Epic Weekend In Pictures

My Weekend may have been rather less than Epic, but was still fantastic.  My travels took me to some normal stomping grounds between Vernon, Franklin and Hackettstown with some yummy beverages, and laughs with friends in between.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan had her Awesome Daughters this weekend, but I was still able to sneak over to Hackettstown and see her Saturday night.  Nice little Bye week before my Patriots Super Bowl Sunday next week will have me going absolutely crazy.  Friday was a really busy day at our radio station behind the scenes, so I didn't have time for lunch.  Major fail.  While I rarely eat at night, I'm always starving during mornings and days.  You can feel free to insert vampire or gremlin jokes here, lol.  By Friday night after work, I was hangry, and found myself at Wendy's for dinner.  Talk about winning at life.  The double burger did hit the spot at the right time I will say though.  

Then Friday night, time to unwind.  Fun night in Vernon on Campus with my besties Carrie and Jamie.  We enjoyed yummy red red wine, with tons of laughs.  Jamie was excited to purchase a cord of firewood for her first time.  Purchasing firewood was a rather new experience for us, so we were able to shop around online and price gauge, even though our friend Steeler Fan Kenny came through in the clutch.  Why were there so many laughs Friday night?  When the subject of purchasing firewood started progressing, I was just full of sophomoric humor about Jamie looking for good wood.  Fun times for sure.

Saturday morning time for errands!  Successful errands included dry cleaning, laundry and some grocery shopping.  Now that Awesome Girlfriend Megan has me entertaining more, I find myself in grocery stores much much more often than the old days.  Who am I?  My weekly Saturday morning check in call with Madre was also a success.  By late Saturday morning early afternoon, I found myself hangry again.  Fortunately I was able to swing by and see my pals at The Cottage for pizza and a couple of yummy IPAs.  Meg and I are still hooked on Perpetual IPA by Troegs.  My buddy Damian offered me a beer, and then coincidentally enough the keg kicked on me.  LOL.  Go figure.  Ah well.  I was able to find another beer and save the day!  

Saturday night I ventured to visit Awesome Girlfriend Megan in Hackettstown.  We had some fun!  First we were craving wings at Marley's Gotham Grill, but they were PACKED.  Saturday night in Hackettstown was hopping.  I bet part of this is due to great options in close proximity, and people were stir crazy from being in all weekend last weekend.  We then went to Bea McNally's for yummy Asbury Park Brewery Sea Dragon IPA.  Our bartender buddy remembered us immediately upon entering, and gave us the bad news that they are out of Sea Dragon.  Never to worry, I can always find a backup beer.  Meg had a red sangria, and I went for Sierra Nevada's Celebration IPA.  Sierra Nevada is a fantastic beer brand, I've enjoyed their Pale Ales, IPAs, Torpedo IPAs, and more.  I had never had a Sierra Nevada I didn't like --- until Saturday night.  That beer was just too nutty for me or something like that.  

We were one and done.  We then decided to venture out to Czig Meister Brewery for their ImperialFest.  Meg and I were very happy to see puppies back in having fun with everyone!  We aren't fans of buying tickets to buy beer, we are old school and like the normal pace of simply buying beers without buying tickets to buy them.  We did one round of beers: a Crush Depth Black IPA and a Master Of The Seas IPA.  They were FANTASTIC.  This Crush Depth Black IPA is excellent and will now be a part of our regular rotation.  We then had a nice quiet night in with two of her three Awesome Daughters.

Sunday morning I had a nice massage from my buddy in Vernon, Elaine.  This medical massage was absolutely wonderful and just what the doctor ordered.  I carry all my stress to my head, neck and shoulders.  Elaine knew exactly where to go.  You can private message me on Facebook for her contact info.  Due to HIPAA, Elaine doesn't want to brag but I will for her - she's GREAT.  

Sunday afternoon I went to Minerals Sports Club to enjoy quality hot tub time.  I was committed trying to get my back better, this bad back business for the past two years is getting really old.  I still dream of the day I can get back into running.  Hopefully this week we can keep up my forward momentum and keep getting my back better.

Sunday night we wrapped up our weekend at Kite's with my besties JG and Steve.  Success.  Many laughs with great friends.  Overall we had a wonderful weekend.  I hope your weekend was great too.  Time to start planning next weekend ---- Super Bowl time!!!


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