Are Our Jobs Making Us Gain Weight?

Can stress at our jobs cause us to gain weight? I say absolutely yes, and there's a survey to back me up on this. Stress leads to stress eating, and we aren't craving salads during these times, right? You can see the whole survey here .

Full disclosure, not only am I a diehard, rabid Patriots fan, but Awesome Girlfriend Megan has turned me into a Rutgers University fan too. Awesome Girlfriend Megan went to school at RU, works in their Foundation Department for her career, and two of her three Awesome Daughters attend school there presently. I see the bright red letter R in my sleep! That being said, we love when our worlds collide and can celebrate Patriots players who are Rutgers University alumni. We have been fans of Devin McCourty for years, and when the Patriots traded for his twin brother Jason, fellow Rutgers standout, times became even greater. While Devin has been lucky enough to play in 3 Super Bowls, this is Jason's first time ever making the postseason. You can see how he is taking everything in with plenty of excitement here . Recently, Jason McCourty also wrote a phenomenal piece for The Players Tribune that I felt gave amazing insight into behind the scenes lives of NFL players, and the impact their careers can have on families. You can see that here .

Meg taking me to my 1st ever RU Football game!


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