My Epic Super Bowl Weekend In Pictures

This Weekend In Pictures was definitely Epic. Our travels took us from Franklin to Vernon to Middletown to Warwick to Franklin to Hackettstown to Vernon to Hackettstown and then finally back in Vernon. I'm so excited my Patriots won! Why am I so tired at work today? It wasn't from being up all night partying and celebrating our Super Bowl victory. We had a mix of fun times with friends, a wonderful Super Bowl Party, new adventures, a little bit of excitement we didn't want, but an overall amazing time.

Poor Awesome Girlfriend Megan was sick last week, and it knocked her down for several days. Friday night I was so excited to see her even though our poor girl was still noticeably subpar. We were able to have a fun, chill night on Campus in Vernon with our besties Carrie, Jasen and Brendan. Brendan even made some sort of "Brie," cheese meal with a jam inside. This made Awesome Girlfriend Megan perk right up, since she loves cheese like most people, and the jam made her smile too. We enjoyed yummy red red wine along with many laughs among our besties. Successful Friday night for sure!

Saturday Meg and I decided to sleep in just a little past 8am and it felt amazing. We then decided to venture out in the frigid cold to Woodbury Commons. I needed a new silver dress watch so we figured this would give us several options. We tried, but none of the options were appealing to us for dress watches. We then went to the Lucky Outlet while there since I'm in the market for a couple pairs of jeans. Even at the Lucky Outlet, their sale was buy one get one half off, with their jean prices being $89.50. I'm refusing to pay $89.50 for a pair of jeans at Lucky OUTLET. Enough with that noise! Meg and I went to the nearby TGI Fridays for wings, pretzel sticks and a round of beers to regroup. This turned out to be very successful.

We then went to the nearby TJ Maxx with little success. Since this was a rare Saturday where we didn't have afternoon commitments, we decided to go on an adventure to another TJ Maxx. Waze showed us other options and I noticed Middletown TJ Maxx wouldn't be too far from us. Let's go! We then went to this TJ in Middletown with some success. I was able to get a new watch! I left Fossil. I regularly wear my Fossil watches that I've had for many years, and often receive several compliments on them, despite spending less than $50 on each of them. My silver dress one just died after 9 quality years. The Fossil Outlet only had busy busy complicated options, whereas I love my watches to be simple, matching outfits easily. Their watch options were all approximately $90 each. TJ Maxx had a Kenneth Cole silver dress watch very similar to my old Fossil for just $40! SUCCESS! Two pairs of Lucky jeans at $40 each, plus that watch for just $40? Stevie was happy for that!

We then went to a nearby Marshall's --- how have I lived here for 5 years and didn't know that there is a TJ Maxx AND Marshall's down the street from each other in Middletown? This is a game changer for us! On our way back, I missed our required exit. I took the next one and said to Meg, "How do you feel about another adventure?" We then ventured out to Glenmere Brewing Company, which was tons of fun. Meg and I love trying out breweries. They didn't really describe their beers at all, so Meg had an interest in a Wicked Witch beer option, which was similar to a stout and absolutely delicious!

Saturday night we went out to see our friends at The Cottage in Franklin. Our buddy Bill was playing an 80s show with the Scott McBrit band, and we had an amazing time. They played fun songs to sing along too all night. We were able to enjoy many laughs with our besties, all while wearing silly glow sticks and sunglasses.

While we were getting ready to leave at 10, we got a call from Meg's eldest Awesome Daughter Caitlyn. A heating baseboard in their living room started leaking! We immediately had to leave Franklin to fly over to Hackettstown. Meg's landlord was able to fix it the next day, but we were tired and on edge from driving so fast from Franklin to Hackettstown.

Sunday morning after her landlord fixed the leaking pipe situation because the thermostat battery died, I decided we needed some sings from Marley's Gotham Grill. As I expected, they were slamming with take out wing orders. Nonstop action.

Sunday time to prep for hosting our Super Bowl party! You may remember, I HATED entertaining before Meg. I'm extremely OCD and was always too worried about making sure everyone was having the best time ever. Meg has helped me enormously with this. I now host Super Bowl parties, whereas before Meg I never wanted anyone over to visit me, ever!

Credit to CBS for having a HILARIOUS introduction to the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. We were all laughing nonstop. Our besties Douglioso, Sally, JG and Tati all came over to enjoy the game with us. Although Meg and I were fried from the night before, we were so happy to enjoy my Patriots with our besties.

THE PATRIOTS WIN! I AM SOOOO HAPPY! Am I tired from celebrating and partying? No. Right after the Patriots won, Meg had to go back to Hackettstown. She then realized, poor Meg, so tired, accidentally left her car keys in her jacket in Hackettstown. Her car was by me on Campus in Vernon. This meant we had to drive the almost hour from Vernon to Hackettstown after the Super Bowl to get her keys, to turn around and drive all the way back to Vernon to get her car keys so Meg could go home. Late, late late night. Poor Meg was so sorry and heartbroken, feeling awful to keep me up so late.

I told her: "Meg, if you told me a few years ago, that I could get the girl of my dreams, watch my Patriots win a Super Bowl with her, and the only negative was we had to drive around a couple hours after the Super Bowl?" That's a trade I'll take every day.

I'm so happy that my Patriots won again. I get why people are tired of seeing the same team win again and again, I totally understand frustrations. For me, I grew up never expecting the Patriots to win a Super Bowl, we were always that 2-14 team or just happy to make the playoffs. Never did I ever dream of something like this, to have the ultimate dynasty and an amazing 20 year run. Blessed. I really do wish for every other team to get their franchise QB, so you feel like you have a chance every single year. It's amazing.

Early to bed tonight for me that's for sure! I hope you had a great weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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