My Epic Weekend In Pictures Are Action Packed

This Weekend In Pictures is certainly epic and action packed. My primary goal was to give Awesome Girlfriend Megan's eldest Awesome Daughter, Caitlyn a terrific 21st birthday that she would never forget. Our epic weekend started off in Franklin, then my travels took me to Vernon on Campus, Sparta, , Lafayette, Vernon, Middletown, NY and more.

Happy 21st Birthday Weekend to Caitlyn, who doubles as our Family Accountant. I wanted to give her a fun 21st birthday that she would never forget. I think we were pretty successful. We took the kids out for a fun Friday night at The Cottage in Franklin . My buddies Damian and Peter even poured a great Guinness with clover in foam style for me. We gave Caitlyn a margarita since she prefers the sweeter drinks, and she was very happy. Our besty Jasen came out to help us celebrate which was much appreciated. He's that bestie who always comes through in the clutch. Marky even bought me a victory beer for my Patriots winning, and another yummy margarita for Caitlyn. On top of all that, Caitlyn and her fiance Robbie P are contemplating a trip to Ireland for their honeymoon. I recently tipped them off on the great deals straight out of Stewart Airport, and then they received even more fun tips from Damian with his Irish history. We had a very productive and fun Friday night, for sure! Great food with fun live music, we will take those victories. Meg had the girls this weekend, so after The Cottage she took the kids back to Hackettstown and I went back to Vernon. After the 3 trips we made to Hackettstown last weekend, I just didn't have another Hackettstown drive in me. BTW, in other comedy, I've been promising to buy Caitlyn her first legal drink forever, and it still hasn't happened yet. My buddy Damian got her first, and Marky got her second. She will track me down for the next one! I enjoyed yummy red red wine with Jasen, Spot and Carrie back in Vernon. Jasen gave me a Selfie Stick, which we will probably debut for next weekend's Epic Weekend In Pictures.

Saturday morning I woke up to see Two Bills on the NFL Network. This is a documentary special on the complicated relationship between my boy Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells. It's like that favorite movie that you just can't turn off when you see it come across your television screen. The history between Belichick and Parcells, behind the scenes NFL drama, all stuff that fascinates me tremendously. I'm a nerd. Saturday afternoon I was able to sneak Meg out for lunch at Krogh's in Sparta . My buddy Brad recommended their buffalo wings, and as we know I'm a diehard buffalo wing fan. They were tasty, meaty too --- not spicy but still decent. I got the bone in wings which I can't stand because you end up wearing so much of it. Yes critics, I used several wet naps for my face and fingers, all after probably looking like a viking while eating my bone in buffalo wings. I know, how lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan, right? All of the beers I have had at Kroghs have been decent in my career. Nothing has ever been bad nor stood out, until we had their anniversary Stout which was partially from our Franklin Mining history. That stout is AMAZING!

While out to lunch, my friend Patti from Shoppes At Lafayette alerted me that they were having a Pet Adoption Event. How could I pass up a chance to play with even more cute puppies? As I said during my Instagram story on @SteveAllanRadio, Pet Of The Week isn't just a feature on my show, it's also a lifestyle. These puppies were so adorable! I then got a pair of gray slacks at Van Heusen for just $17. Very productive Saturday afternoon.

Then Saturday night. I was able to get another amazing massage from my buddy, Elaine. She has opened my eyes with her medical massage style on my chronic bad neck, back and shoulders. She's absolutely fantastic! Due to me keeping all stress up there, I haven't been able to run in over 2 long years. I'm confident we are now on the right path to get me back to running. Eventually, my goal is to need her to massage my legs from running as opposed to my neck, shoulders and back from stress. Her e-mail? Feel free to tell her I sent you.

Saturday night, I enjoyed a tasty victory beer at Kite's. Have you ever had those nights where you're really tired, and hope to not run into any of your friends? That was me Saturday night. I enjoyed two yummy beers with my bartender besties Natalee and Sam, then was on my way back home to watch that new Alliance Of American Football League. It's basically minor league football, which is just fine for an addict like me. Saturday night I was in bed by 9pm and slept all the way to just past 6am Sunday morning, which was an enormous victory.

Sunday morning I cashed in my spare change at Walmart in Franklin to keep winning at life. I then ventured back out to TJ Maxx in Middletown to return one pair of jeans I bought last weekend. The pair that Meg fell in love with which of course I then purchased, was a straight leg fit. I warned her that with my chicken legs, if it's not dark denim, and straight fit, we run the risk of my legs looking like stilts. My concerns were met, the legs definitely looked like stilts. I was very happy the return process went smooth and the cashier cracked up over my legs looking like stilts line. The struggle is real!

I then had more wings and fries at the nearby Applebees, with yummy Sam Adams Cold Snap. Cold Snap might be my favorite beer that Sam Adams makes. We want more of it!

Sunday night, I was able to recap my weekend with Brad, part of our Sunday Night Kite's Crew. JG and Steve weren't around, but we still had plenty of fun.

Sunday night, then time for the Grammy's. I'm happy the show didn't get too political, that stuff always annoys me during award shows. Performances were strong, Camila Cabello's Havana was excellent, Post Malone with Red Hot Chillipeppers was great even though I would've killed to hear more "Better Now," and Lady Gaga always puts on a clinic even without Bradley Cooper. I still wish they did some sort of Bradley Cooper creepy hologram.

Overall, we had an amazing and memorable weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend, where my parents visit me from Boston so we can watch skiers on my deck for President's Day Weekend! This one will be epic for sure.


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