My "Go with the Flow" Weekend in 5 pictures

I should have taken a picture of my T.V. This weekend I binge watched the History Channel and Reelz Channel and got some things done in between. Friday night I had dinner at my son Matt's apartment. He made delicious tacos and nachos. Before we enjoyed them he reminded me to take a picture for my weekend in 5 pictures.

Saturday afternoon Denise and I enjoyed a very nice lunch with my stepson and his daughter. Then I started getting all the tax forms and receipts ready for my visit to the accountant next Monday. My taxes get pretty complicated.

Sunday I was up early having coffee with Denise and she said she was in the mood for home made meatballs. Which sounded like a great idea. A few hours later I was making meatballs from scratch. They really came out fantastic. Fresh Bread crumbs, eggs, fresh garlic, fresh parsley, salt and pepper. There were some left overs. Hopefully, they won't get eaten for lunch today before I get home. Gracie and Kim were away most of the weekend but home for dinner on Sunday. Gracie's dessert was a purple ice pop. I couldn't resist taking a picture of her purple lips and tongue.


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