The way to handle some tricky job interview questions

I don't have much experience with job interviews. The 33 years I've been on the air with WSUS have gone pretty fast. One of the reasons I stayed put is because it's very hard to relocate to a new place with a family and kids. Most people in radio move around. Of course, in other professions changing jobs can be much easier. Especially these days because there are more jobs than people qualified to fill them.

When you do decide to take that big step you should prepare for the job interview. How you answer the tricky situational questions can make or break you.

Here are some scenarios to think about:

1) Talking about a time you failed: Be honest. Think about the weaknesses that caused the failure. Then explain how you've corrected them. Even people who conduct job interviews have had a failure or two.

2) Working with a difficult boss or customer: Don't bash anyone. Just talk about how you got your job done in spite of them.

3) Discussing when you had to correct someone: Make sure the person interviewing you knows you were polite and professional.

Source: Refinery29

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