N..J. Senate votes to remove presidential candidates over tax returns

President Trump refused to release his tax returns and got elected anyway. That hasn't stopped the Democrat controlled New Jersey State Senate from passing a bill that would require candidates for president and vice president to release their returns or be removed from the ballot. Similar bills passed in other Democrat controlled state legislatures last year. One such bill was vetoed by Democrat Governor Jerry Brown in California because it would open the door for other legislation and more unnecessary requirements.

Here's what makes the Democrats in the New Jersey State Senate total hypocrites. A handful of Republican State Senators reportedly proposed candidates for governor and the state legislature should also be required to release their tax returns to be on the ballot. Can you guess who doesn't support that idea? Of course, Those very same Democrats. The bill goes to the state assembly next.

Bills like the one that passed yesterday might not even be constitutional. Back in 1997 the United States Supreme Court ruled that requirements to run for Federal Office are already spelled out in the Constitution. Therefore, individual states cannot make their own additional requirements.

What chance does President Trump have win New Jersey in 2020? Even his biggest supporters think it's slim to none. As people continue to leave New Jersey is this what the majority party should be worried about? How about getting to work on some real problems instead.

Source: The Hill

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