Wine Is THE Top Pleasure In Life Little Luxuries

I really like this survey because it shows the importance of the little things in life that can make us happy. OnePoll with JaM Cellars conducted a survey of 2,000 people to ask them about those little winning moments in life that make them happy. Drinking a glass of wine came out as number one, and I'm not surprised! 62% say enjoying a glass of wine is relaxing, and I agree. I also enjoy the other little things that made this list, being home to watch favorite shows, home cooked meals, going shopping for themselves, and the smell of fresh laundry. I would even add the smell of your place after you clean it to that list too. You can see the whole article right here.

72% of managers say that college basketball can improve office morale? Of course it does! You know how I feel. Gambling always helps boost morale! You can see that very true story here!


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