Franklin Mayor decides not to run for re-election

I've known Mayor Nick Giordano for several years. His enthusiasm has impressed me. The return of the Franklin Carnival and the re-opening of the Franklin Pond are two things that brought back the sense of community I remember when I first came to work here in the early 80's. The mayor said his decision not to seek another term was about: "placing my family and my own well being to the forefront." Giordano was first elected to the borough council in 2010. He was elected mayor in 2015. Recently, Franklin Borough has been embroiled in several controversies. Two fired borough police officers have filed multi-million dollar lawsuits alleging wrongful termination. In February state officials removed alcoholic beverages and gambling equipment from the Franklin Fire Department. Last summer there was a protest after borough officials called police on a woman breast feeding at the recently re-opened Franklin Pond. The mayor and two council seats are on the ballot this year. Candidates have until April 1st to get their petitions in. After the meeting Mayor Giordano went on to say: "from the bottom of my heart I know the public will choose someone with the best intentions for Franklin." As a local radio host in Franklin Borough I think of Nick as a friend. Working with him and getting to know him has been a pleasure. I know he tried to serve his community with the best of intentions. We need more people in public office who are like him.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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