What your refrigerator can say about you!

There seems to be an app for everything these days, even "refrigerdating." There also seems to be a name for everything these days too, right? Apparently our fridges can tell a ton about us, ranging from what we keep in them, even to how new or old they may be. When Awesome Girlfriend Megan first met me, I'm pretty confident that my fridge only had water and beer in it. Now that she has me into occasionally entertaining, my fridge AND freezer are more full than they have ever been. I joke with Meg all the time that my fridge and freezer yell at me for working overtime after having my first few years here off on vacation. This app can also show your fridge inventory while you're out shopping. You can see how this app can help you spot dating red flags here.

It's not too late to give up your phone for Lent, and here's how you can do it. I can't give up my phone at all sorry! Yesterday I shared how we can spring clean our phone by getting rid of unused apps and older photos, that is much much more my speed!

This article talks about how to bring up getting engaged. Awesome Girlfriend Megan isn't very subtle about this at all, as she has had eldest Awesome Daughter Caitlyn send me screen shots of engagement rings waking me up out of a sound sleep. This article shows that you can be a little more subtle than we are, lol.


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