Are these my cutest puppies EVER?!?!

OMG, you love cute puppies too? Awesome, me too! Thank you so much to my friends at Father John's Animal House in Sparta / Lafayette. There is already heavy debate as to whether or not these two puppies are my cutest puppy team we have ever had on my Adopt A Pet Of The Week Feature. We've been doing my Adopt A Pet Of The Week for almost 5 whole years now, and these guys rank right up there with the best for certain! Aldo and Carlos are 10-12 weeks old. I don't know if my favorite parts are the ADORABLE wrinkles on their little faces, or when they were puppy kissing each other, or when they were puppy play wrestling with each other. Maybe all of the above!!! Let's help them find their new Furever Families. Even if they're adopted any minute now, both Aldo and Carlos are from big litters and have SEVERAL cute siblings their same age! Get their application link with Father John's right here and enjoy our adorable video!



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