Anti Semitic graffiti reported at High Point High School

Aniti-Semitic graffiti was found in two bathrooms at High Point High School this week. The incidents were reported to the New Jersey State Police. There is an on going investigation. One of the incidents involved the carving of a Nazi swastika and the comments: "Kill the Jews" and "Hitler was here" into a toilet paper dispenser. Around 900 students attend High Point High School. When I hear of people doing things like this I'm reminded of a line Elton John wrote in his song "Empty Garden." In the song that goes back to 1983. Elton refers to the man who murdered John Lennon by singing: "It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain." The person who did this damaged our whole community and everyone who goes to their school. I've been a part of the Sussex County community since the early 80's. This is not who we are. Trying to turn this into a political narrative is wrong. Any young person who would do something like this is troubled and looking for attention. I hope the police and school officials can figure out who did this. Hopefully, when the individual is caught they'll get the help they need. So their hateful heart can be turned into a caring heart.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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