My "Think Spring" St. Patrick's weekend in 5 pictures

I love spring but I hate doing all the work to make the outside of the house presentable. Usually I don't start my outside spring clean up until after April 1st. This year I'm feeling pretty strongly that the chance of snow is over. So this weekend I got started cleaning up the mess left behind by winter and fall. The flower boxes are cleared of leaves and ready for fresh mulch. Once it goes on sale. My driveway is swept clean. The excess leaves will be raked and bagged during the week. This early start to spring clean up will hopefully mean an early start to actually enjoying my yard and pool when it gets warmer. If we get another snow storm I'll have to start all over again. At Subaru Saturday the focus was Backpack Snacks for Kids. Over 500 kids at risk of being hungry in Sussex County will benefit from your donation shelf stable snacks. Thank You to everyone who stopped at Subaru World to donate on Saturday. St. Patrick's Day I made corned beef dinner. I think I finally perfected baked instead of boiled corned beef. It comes out delicious if you wash off all the excess brine and boil it for 5 minutes before baking. If you don't cleanse the corned beef of excess salt before baking it will come out very salty. My grand daughter Gracie was adorable St. Patrick's Day with her green hair bow and shirt. She was so good all weekend long too. I think the so called terrible two's are almost over. All I kept telling her all weekend was how good she was being. In return I had to pretend to be "frozen" when she waved her hand. Just like in her favorite movie.


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