SCCC will build extension to Performing Arts Center

Sussex County Community College President Jon Connolly was at the Newton Planning Board Meeting Wednesday night for a "courtesy visit." The President told the board that SCCC has finalized plans for a two story 13,000 square foot addition to the Performing Arts Center. Since SCCC is a government agency board approval is not needed. Dr. Connolly said the new addition will begin where two doors in the back of the building already exist. The additional space will be used for engineering labs and the college's first fully equipped lecture hall. Left over funds from bond issues and new grant funds will be used to pay for the project. This is really great to see. Both of my sons went to SCCC. I've been a supporter of our community college on my radio show for many years. Student's who choose to go to SCCC can save thousands of dollars and still transfer credits to a four year college. This is one way anyone who wants a college education can avoid over whelming student loan debt. Start here go anywhere!

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Steve Andrews


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