My Epic Weekend In Pictures I'll Never Forget

This Epic Weekend gave us some fun all over Sussex County. We made many terrific memories in Vernon, Newton, Franklin, Hackettstown, Sparta, and more! This weekend we were able to help 500 kids and their families right here in Sussex County with our Backpack Snacks For Kids radiothon food drive. We were able to celebrate one of our besties birthdays, celebrate a great friend, run into many friends and meet new ones too.

Friday night, we had a party on Campus at the Condos in Vernon. One of our besties, Carrie Scarpone was celebrating her birthday weekend in style. We opted for the chill night in variety this year, which was just what the doctor ordered. Besty Jasen made tacos for everyone which made people smile left and right. I of course dodged them like the plague because I usually don't eat at night, and often tacos contain many Steve Killers (cheese, onions, and who knows what else.) We had a great time with our besties on Campus.

Successful start to our Weekend for sure!

Saturday morning, back to work! When you love what you do though, I won't say it isn't work, but it makes things less hard for sure. I intentionally took Monday and Tuesday off last week, knowing that my next day off from the radio station likely won't be until Sunday March 31st. March 20 to March 31 nonstop work fun. It's a grind sometimes always being out, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Look at the many positive ways we can make an impact. Wednesday night I was celebrity guest chef for our annual KEEP Kamikaze Cook Off, and this weekend we were able to help many more kids right here in Sussex County.

Saturday morning I was hungry and tried out The Hampton Diner on Route 206 in Newton for my first time ever. WOW. I park and can hear our radio station cranked several feet away. The minute I walk in and say good morning, they knew me from always having our radio station on. I love supporting our local businesses all over Sussex County whenever possible. I warned them I was keeping it simple and boring with my bacon and eggs order, which came out delicious. After that breakfast of champions, I was more than ready to enjoy our live broadcast at Audi Of Newton on Route 206. We made several new friends, and my friend Wally Darwish bought pizza for all of his employees on and us. Yummy! Wally is one of those guys where his positive energy and attitude is honestly contagious.

Saturday afternoon, despite Awesome Girlfriend Megan having the girls, I was able to lure them out for lunch. Meg asked if I minded going to The Cottage in Franklin. I said "are you kidding me? It's a 40 minute drive for you and a 10 minute drive for me, of course I don't mind if you're up for it!" We had a great lunch. Awesome Daughter Amanda was loving her stiff Shirley Temples, Meg loving her Perpetual IPA, and me with my Sam Adams Cold Snap. Meg took Amanda back to Hackettstown, and of course per usual, once Meg leaves our friends coincidentally show up and just miss her. Between Packer Fan Patrick, Buckeye Paul, Tom, and Marky we had many laughs all during that one beer. So many laughs.

Saturday night, time to party! Our dear friend Terri Ramieri, from Advanced Veterinary Care (our Pet Of The Week partners from day 1,) hosted a party at her place in Sparta. Terri had a birthday last week, and invited some very lucky friends over to celebrate her birthday, and honor her late husband, our dear friend Mike Ramieri. It was a fun night, surrounded by everyone who had great Mike stories and we all talked about the many ways he positively impacted us. Terri is just one of those friends who inspires you with her nonstop energy. On top of that, she has crazy photo editing skills and always "ups," our selfies whenever we take them. Meg and I were only there for a couple of hours, but made several new amazing friends and enjoyed many laughs. Shout out to my buddy Gianna! Terri and Mike's daughter raised money for our friends at Father John's Animal House last year, and she did it again this year. I'm so proud of her.

Sunday morning, back to work! I left Meg's in Hackettstown, and it was colder than we expected. I swung by Dunkin Donuts to drop off a hot coffee and chocolate for Steve Andrews and J Wizz figuring we were doing our Backpack Snacks For Kids food drive radiothon outside. I was happy to learn that they were inside doing their show staying warm. I then went home, changed and came back to work. We made so many friends at Weis Markets in Franklin, and ran into so many ones that we already know. I never ever get tired of running into so many buddies while we're working. We will get totals soon, but I already know for a fact in Franklin we raised over $400 and stuff the entire bus! Remember, if for every $1 we raise the Sussex Division Of Social Services Food Pantry can buy 5 pounds? Huge victory! In Sussex County, 500 kids go hungry on the weekends, and we did our part to help them. All donations stay local, right here in Sussex County which is very important since every single town has kids below the poverty level.

It's a great feeling when you can use your radio career to make a positive difference. I'm not gonna lie, it's also a great feeling when little kids walk by your table and say in their cute squeaky voices "Hi Steve Allan!" Steve Andrews and I did a hilarious Facebook live video. I didn't think I owned a canopener, but Madre saw my Facebook live video, and through Aunty Donna taunted me saying that I do indeed own a canopener afterall. I said fine, then she can help me find that thing!

Sunday night, time for our weekly weekend recap at Kite's. Right when I was enjoying a beer with my besty Brad and bartender Sam, I got the breaking news alert that Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the Patriots. Congratulations to Gronk. While I'm very bummed, I can't imagine the pain that guy must be in waking up every single morning. My wrist still hurts whenever it rains after I fractured it last year. Gronk has been injured everywhere from head to toe! Hopefully Bill Belichick can draft decent tight ends this year. We need help on offense now!

Overall, we had a memorable weekend. I hope you had a great weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!



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